Allison then moved to California. Segregation such as seen on Bandstand during the late Fifties and early Sixties was characteristic of American society during that time, when separate but equal was still viewed as legitimate by many Americans., Black composer Leroy (After the Lights Go Down Low) Lovett is from an older generation and looks at things more benignly. In 1950 WPEN moved into a modern new building at 2212 Walnut Street. "My friends went to church dances every Friday and Saturday night. Jesus loves you! Collect, curate and comment on your files. Perhaps ready for a night on the town! The sad truth, though, is that the kids who danced to the records appeared to be almost all white. Menu. Consequently, black teens were in effect erased from the national youth culture that formed aroundAmerican Bandstand. In the news this week..Tomorrow, Saturday, August 12, Walter Ulbricht, leader of East Germany, will sign an order to close the border with West Germany. After his dalliance with Dorothy, Allison allowed these men and girls free reign around the station. Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater, Branson, Missouri. From the start I was also terrified because what had happened to Horn. I was asked to be a character witness at his trial and I testified that he never tried anything with us. He also personally picked me up in South Philly and drove me to his record hops. In 1951 Ed Sullivan was so consumed with anti-Communist zeal that he wrote a lengthy accusation of choreographer Jerome Robbins for supporting the Commie cause. Sullivans home paper, the New York Daily News, thought the article was too angry and too personal and refused to run it, but the Philadelphia Inquirer published it on page one. Then my crowd all sat down. For more read Bandstand Diaries. For more read Bandstand Diaries. When I look at video of you dancing on the show, I still am awestruck. Hed take me home to spend weekends with his family in Levittown and in the summer Id be the cabin boy on his boat at Stone Harbor., Dave Feldman also started coming in 1953. He has remained friends with many Regulars. These happenings would never have become known if one man had just listened to Maxines restrictive instruction. The station, where I worked at the time, fired him. American Bandstandbuilt a national youth culture around the pop music records Clark played on the show and the commercial products his sponsors targeted to this $9 billion consumer market. ABC WFIL-TV studios 46th and Market Philadelphia Tony Cosmo with Pat Molittieri Mike and Arlene Sullivan Frani Giordana and Mike Mike with Carole Scaldeferri : Am, D, G, C. Chordify la tua piattaforma n. 1 per gli accordi. We sent some 15,000 fan letters each week. Easy, Secure, Fast Checkout. Walter DeLegall, a black man who was a teenager then, said about the early days: I used to dance on the original Bandstand. Cameraman Vince Gasbarro said: Horn was old-looking. Blanc had a love-hate relationship with show business, and even got personally involved in it. Horn produced alibis for those dates and Horn got a break when the judge refused to allow testimony about any other times. 8/9pmThe Hamptons ? Clark inherited WFILs local television show, (1952-56) from the deejay Bob Horn, who proved that teenagers liked watching their peers dance. It became integrated in 1957 because I elected to make it so, he was being outrageously simplistic. He even went back on the air a few minutes later and said: Hey, that record wasnt bad after all.. However, by 1963, Bandstand's format had been shortened to 30 minutes per show. Today in our new blog post we hear from from Mickey (Bandstand) Cullen, a Regular from the #BobHorn days. He picked his own employee, Bob Horn, and copied from WPEN the idea of teenagers in the studio. But he was an ambitious politician. There were trysts of another Jacobs model and another WPEN announcer, and other girls had encounters with a publicist and a photographer, respected professionals who were in love with their wives and felt they were just having some harmless, job-related fun on the side. On the Billboard Hot 100 this week 1) Tossin and Turnin Bobby Lewis 2) I Like It Like That Chris Kenner 3) The Boll Weevil Song Brook Benton 4) Dum Dum Brenda Lee 5) Hats Off To Larry Del Shannon 38) Stand By Me Ben E. King The Bandstand Top 10 today (I can only see the first 8) 1) Lets Twist Again Chubby Checker 2) School Is Out Gary (U.S) Bonds 3) Last Night The Mar-keys 4) Dum Dum Brenda Lee 5) Pretty Little Angel Eyes Curtis Lee 6) Hats Off To Larry Del Shannon 7) Tossin and Turnin Bobby Lewis 8) I Like It Like That Chris Kenner Thank you for watching!_______________________________ This is dedicated to my dad who, through our long car trips together listening to oldies radio (950 KJR Seattle) and by listening to his Turtles (and other) records when I was a kid, first inspired my passion for the wonderful music of the 1960s. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #philadelphia #book #author #coffeetablebook #popculture, From 1953 to 1959 Terry Schreffler danced on American Bandstand with Bob Horn and Dick Clark. At least three factors are important to note regarding the last three years ofAmerican Bandstandin West Philadelphia: the 1960 payola scandal, the reality behind the shows happy faces, and developments in the pop music industry that affected the show and compelled its relocation in 1964 to Los Angeles in a reduced version. All the photos from Horns last two years show nothing but white kids in the studio. 24 talking about this. The next day Bill Sylk owner of WPEN and the Sun Ray Drug chain called Walter Annenberg and said If you steal my talent Ill pull a million dollars of Sun Ray advertising out of the Inquirer. After that threat, WFIL withdrew its offer to us and that was the end of that.. She was a cheerful person, eager to please, up to a point. Secondly, the producer started to require admission cards. The sex-with-minors angle was too shocking for public consumption, and the station didnt dare to reveal it. So Horn, in a way, was the good guy who had no ethnic prejudice and who had blacks and whites in equal numbers in the early days of Bandstand. One example is Bob Menefee, the top-paid disc jockey at WIP. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF \"FAIR USE\" IN TITLE 17 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. One night he asked one of his models to put on something white, then introduced her to Allison. DA Blanc spent considerable time and money on his probe, renting a center city storefront as an unmarked headquarters instead of using his own office in City Hall. SOME OF WHICH HAVE BEEN LICENSED BY ME AND/OR IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Getty Images Happy 60th anniversary of the 4th anniversary of Bandstand going national! He asked a bunch of us to be on a committee to act as examples to other teenagers, and he gave birthday cakes and Christmas gifts to all of us on the committee. Dorothy said that she did it willingly. American Bandstand was an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 un. Allison said it never happened and his wife provided him with an alibi, consisting of a log she kept of his activities. While Clark openedAmerican Bandstandsstage to black R&B and rock n roll performers, he and his producers segregated the studios dance floor and white teenagers adapted black dances for white audiences. So if a majority of the attendees came from the Catholic schools, that made the audience overwhelmingly white. It reflected the fact that Horn played big band recordings by Harry James, Tommy Dorsey and other similar artists. The show epitomized many important aspects of ever-evolving American popular culture: mass communication, popular music, youth culture, dance and fashion . From 1957 right on up to the advent of the MTV era in the '80s, teenagers (and eternal teenagers) usually caught their first glimpse of whichever stars were just getting their radio breakthroughs. He was convicted and sentenced to jail for that, but not for his sexual activities. Jerry Blavat, then a youngster on the committee, reports that he turned Horn on to Sh-Boom by The Chords, Little Darling by the Gladiolas and Earth Angel by The Penguins (all were black groups.) Horn signed some of them to his own record label which he started with the help of a group of businessmen and musicians including Nat Segall, Artie Singer, Bernie Lowe and Harry Chipetz. For more about your favorite dancers, and life after Bandstand read Bandstand Diaries. Also in 1956 a 19-year-old model named Marion Melet accused vocalist Joe Valino (a Sinatra sound-alike whose real name was Joe Paolino) of getting her pregnant then taking her to an abortionist to have it taken care of. The sexual relationship, however, was not revealed until later. God bless you. Bob was a PR pro who really knew how to spin a story. Even when black artists like Chuck Berry and Fats Domino appeared in live shows, 95% of the audience was white. 100% Money-Back Guarantee. stage to black R&B and rock n roll performers, he and his producers segregated the studios dance floor and white teenagers adapted black dances for white audiences. But when the program passed its 50th anniversary, there was no commemoration. By the mid-1970s, moreover, American Bandstand ratings were in decline and faced a challenge from Soul Train. Accordi per American Bandstand 1968 - TOP 10 - Love Is Blue, Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra. Allison coined a new name for himself: a controversialist. He was advertised as the man who owns midnight. Allisons show also attracted a different type. But some things still didnt change. American Bandstand aired between 1956 and 1963 on ABC in Philadelphia Its teenage stars danced in pairs and some formed on-screen partnerships Many, including Arlene Sullivan, were gay but hid. See details. A low-budget sexploitation film called Models, Inc. was distributed by Philadelphia film executive Jack Harris. is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from November 7, 2010, to November 10, 2013. This historical marker recalls Dick Clarks American Bandstand, which was broadcast from West Philadelphia from 1957 to 1964. Show more. When Blancs campaign was launched, friends of Walter Annenberg hoped that the DA would find some dirt on WPENs popular night-time talk host, Steve Allison, because Allison often criticized Annenberg and the Inquirer. Never content with spinning just the one genre, he weaves together everything from jazz to juke to jungle, from dub to dancehall to dubstep ? I didnt know it at the time, but Blanc must have been on his way to or from his secret lair on some occasions when he stopped by to see my dad. For more about your favorite dancers, read Bandstand Diaries: #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #dickclark #book #philadelphia #nostalgia #telephone, Having started dancing on Bandstand during the Bob Horn days, did you know Rosemary "Little Ro" Fergione Siermine was 11 years old at the time? He tangles nightly with the bigwigs on every hair-raising issue., Allison displayed a crudity that even exceeded Horns. Not nasty trouble. He gave special attention to local singers including Sunny Gale, Gloria Mann, Georgie Shaw and Micki Marlo. Bob got one of his friends to write a song for me, Since I Met Him at the Senior Dance, and Bob paid for me to take singing lessons. The Getty Images design is a trademark of Getty Images. Carmella Astrella. Kenny Rossi and Arlene Sullivan, Bunny Gibson and Eddie Kelly, Pat Molittieri, Carmen Jimenz, Joyce Shafer. (There never was any picket line.) Believe it or not, at that time the show looked like a black blue-light basement party because our crowd would take over the floor when we showed up. Horn personally selected the committee, and he happened to choose only white kids to serve on it. But inside the studio, at the end of each show, committee members gave out reservations for future programs. Maybe this break-through occurred because that show was not broadcast nationwide, but only in California. Barbara Marcen, a white regular, remembers a day when one black teenager tried to slow-dance with a white girl. If Clipp couldnt get those people, he nevertheless could steal their format. Instant Download. Clark inherited WFILs local television showBandstand(1952-56) from the deejay Bob Horn, who proved that teenagers liked watching their peers dance. He said Name your salary. So we asked our station manager for a release and he said hed talk to the stations owner. Once or twice on each program, Horn would intone: Weve got company and a recording artist would appear on the set to lip-synch to his or her record. Steves a one-man F. B. I., Fearless Broadcast Investigator. Pelculas Series Personas Noticias. On the other hand, Blancs total and Blancs margin of victory was not anywhere near what his predecessor, Richardson Dilworth, had achieved in 1951. A postscript was added a decade later in California. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #philadelphia #holiday #holidaygift #vintage, Bobbi Young appeared on Bandstand and American Bandstand from 1953-1958. Some of the regular boys all white started talking angrily among themselves about how theyd like to beat up the boy after the show. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #bobhorn #littlero #philadelphia #book #author, Known for her style and signature headbands, Carole Scaldeferri was a fashionista and beloved Regular on American Bandstand from 1957-1961. That's why Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson would never appear on the show, but movie stars - Jeff Chandler, Tab Hunter, Sal Mineo - came." Dancing came naturally to Sullivan, the way it did to all Regulars, she says. On Sunday at 2am, construction of the Berlin Wall will officially begin. Horn said he went to her home once for a party. Created by Chris Thompson and starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya, the show follows the adventures of CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne) and Rocky Blue (Zendaya) as they star as background dancers on a local show, Shake It Up Chicago. Catholic schools in those days were 99% white. She isnt reluctant or shy. Grow your brand authentically by sharing brand content with the internets creators. Bob Adleman, the public relations man for WPEN, arranged an elegant event at Longchamps Restaurant on Rittenhouse Square where Allison would accept the honor. Self - dance contest judge 1 episode, 1970 Mac Davis . It was an innocent time, says one of them. They both danced on American Bandstand from 1960-1963. For seven years kids had been coming to WPEN at 1522 Walnut Street and riding the elevator to spend a couple of hours at their club, which was a small studio on the top floor without windows. Tap into Getty Images' global scale, data-driven insights, and network of more than 340,000 creators to create content exclusively for your brand. In 1956, radio disc jockey Richard "Dick" Wagstaff Clark took over as host of "Bandstand" - a Philadelphia television show. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Las Vegas; Location. In this new setting, a greater number of kids could dance while the music played. When the TV show started in 1952, it was simply named Bandstandand aired live every weekday afternoon.